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waterhol.gif What is a virtual water hole?

It's a resting place on the infobahn (the information superhighway).

When migratory cultures and itinerant merchants travel between distant locations, they need to make rest stops. These are usually at an oasis or other watering hole. These places become sites for the exchange of culture and information. In modern industrial society, this is usually the water cooler or caffeine machine.

To continue with the watering hole paradigm, the earliest public access computer "networks" were Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), which recognizes that bulletin boards are most useful in the highest trafficked area, which is either next to the rest rooms or wherever people congregate when away from their assigned work station.

A water hole is a place where people congregate to tell stories of people and events that happened long ago, so that they will not be forgotten. A place where parents tell children about their grandparents. A place where the past and present touch the future. A virtual water hole is such a place on the infobahn, where Web pages and URLs replace real-time interactions.

Virtual Water Holes™ is organized as Perpetual CampSites and Family Preservation Societies, places for infonauts (voyagers on the infobahn) to congregate. Using the URL

you can have perpetual access to unlimited online storage … forever. To discuss rates for personal or group Web storage, send e-mail to

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