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My name is Dennette Harrod, Jr, but people often spell it without the final "E". I took this snapsot of an exit sign on north-bound Interstate 95 in Maine, just after crossing the border from New Hampshire.

dennett.gif I used one of the Internet search engines to find URLs using the keywords "Dennette" and "Harrod", i.e., my first and last names. Sometimes, my first name matched a last name, sometimes my last name matched a first name.

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I have put mailto: and http: URLs on Web pages and informed some of these people who share my names that said pages exist for them to visit and comment upon. Some will responded, some will not. If anyone on the list wants to contact anyone else on the list, that's their business. If anyone wants to be added to Dennett(e)'s Perpetual Campsite, update an entry, or eliminate a duplicate entry, send me a message.

960403a0.gif Any pictures of signs with the name "Dennett(e)", including name tags and jerseys, are welcome on this page. I make no promises as to how often it will change, or how people will use the URLs.

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"Harrod" Perpetual Campsite

This is an example of a Perpetual Campsite - infonauts who share my first name. This page has two URLs to make everyone who uses it a Happy Camper:


and ...


I can guarantee that this Web page will always be here because my name is "Dennette", and people will always be able to find me at this URL.

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