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This text is part of a legal contract between you (the tenant), and Virtual Water Holes™, a corporate entity.

Definition of terms


- "As long as the grass grows and the river flows." As long as there is an Internet or other global information superhighway, and your account is paid, your data will remain available to any who wish to access it. Virtual Water Holes™ exists solely for this purpose, and it will keep this promise after we are dead.

unlimited - "As much as you are willing to pay for." Since most of the data will be archived on rapid rotating storage media (in this case, Recordable Compact Disc), the system capacity is limited only by the number of devices it can support. In the spring of 1996, a CD-ROM juke box with a six-disc capacity costs less than $200. If you establish a Family Preservation Societythen you essentially purchase your own exclusive 650 megabyte CD-R. (OTOH, customers who pay by the month are responsible for their own backups.)

forever - "As long as you keep up the payments." Again, the establishment of a Family Preservation Society guarantees the payment of storage fees in perpetuity because Virtual Water Holes™ has invested the funds and collects dividends as long as there is a financial institution in existence that conducts commerce.

The Deal

Virtual Water Holes™ agrees to make your data (HTML files, GIF files, etc.) available on the Internet 24 hours a day God willing and the creek don't rise.

This means that we will not be held responsible for anything that happens because someone is not able to access your data for any length of time. In the case of power interruptions, or loss of communications link, the system will attempt to reconnect automagically, without human intervention. We can't promise anything more than that, and we can't be responsible for squirrels that chew on the telephone wires.

Virtual Water Holes™ assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the data which the tenant may archive on the system, and will make no attempt to monitor the tenant's data UNLESS it is brought to our attention that said data is in violation of some law which could result in the confiscation of the system, in which case ALL of your data will be deleted, and you will have no recourse for any refund of prepayment for archiving the data.

The level of service you get from Virtual Water Holes™ is proportional to your commitment to its vision. There are currently three levels: (1) monthly, (2) until the end of this decade, and (3) perpetual.

Tenants who pay by the month do not have the same guarantee of preservation, because their files might not be included in the periodic archival backups. Virtual Water Holes™ performs CD-ROM backups of the complete system at least twice a year. Incremental backups are performed on Perpetual Campsites and Family Preservation Societies, but monthly accounts assume all risk for the loss of their data.

Tenants who pay until the end of this decade are also included in the incremental backups, and are entitled to a copy of their accumulated data on a CD-ROM should they choose not to renew their contract. (Monthly tenants must pay for a CD-ROM, assuming their data is still available.)

Perpetual tenants are entitled to a discount on scanning and Web page services.

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