Vitual Water Holes HomePage Who needs a virtual water hole?

The homeless, transients, and orphans, to name a few.

You already have Internet access, otherwise you would not be here. You may or may not have your own Web HomePage. More likely than not, you have free access to the Internet, either as a student or employee of a company with Deep Pockets.

If you wanted a Web site and could have it for free, then you probably already have a Home Page. Otherwise, you're either paying at least $20 a month to an ISP for storage, or you are not willing to pay that much just to have a Home Page.

Now, for those with the free pages, what happens when you graduate or change jobs? More than likely, unless you can migrate and support them, those Web pages will evaporate. People who are linked to your pages will one day get a 404 No File on Server error, and they'll wonder what became of you.

Infonauts need a place to store their "stuff".

You already have E-mail and FTP, but where can you store your Web pages and know that you'll never have to move them? At Virtual Water Holes™, the home of Family Preservation Societies and Perpetual Campsites.

Virtual Water Holes™ will periodically archive your HTML and GIF files on CD-ROM, and guarantee to keep them on-line even after you have passed away. We offer unlimited on-line storage … forever. We provide a perpetualURL, that you and your family can still be using twenty five years from now.

The dead need a place to rest, too.

That's the function of Virtual Tombstones™, where you find URLs to Obituary Pages and Family Preservation Societies.

A watering hole is also a place of commerce.

Not everyone is wired into the Internet. Some would like to be, but don't want to make the investment in hardware and education to do it themselves. But they would like to peddle their services to the frequent travelers of the infobahn. Virtual Water Holes™ can provide dynamic Web pages for as little as $10 a month.

And for organizations who want to archive newsletters, FAQs, or any other types of Web pages that would normally be purged when they reach your 5 Mb storage limit, Virtual Water Holes™ is a place where they can have last month's pages available twenty (or even one hundred) years from now!

For a discussion of rates for personal or group Web storage, click here.

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